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Our Story

Every day we are reminded of how short life is and how much of it we take for granted. Photography causes us to stop and reflect on life, pausing to see something from a different perspective. Capture the emotions so that we can hold on to them long beyond the next day or month. Beyond that, we view them through the lens of the camera. This requires us to make artistic and creative decisions about how to portray that moment, thus creating a unique piece of art. As professional photographers, we get the opportunity to help you preserve and enhance the important milestones in your life, from graduating high school to finding a new job to meeting the love of your life.

Not only is it our passion to create art from your special moments, but we also love to help clients discover personal beauty and strength through our images. The art of photography can shine a light on people in ways they didn’t realize were possible. It is such a blessing to be a part of this joy and this journey.



For me photography is about sharing with people just how special and beautiful they are. I am a second generation wedding and portrait photographer and have always had some form of camera in my hands since a small child. I spent a large amount of my high school days volunteering with public television. This taught me valuable lessons I still apply today about story and how to use light and shadow to evoke emotion.


I’ve grown up with a passion for the arts and a reverence for the world around me. This led me to peruse a BA of Fine Arts and I have been working as a graphic designer for over 15 years. This brings a unique perspective to the way I capture images and share stories. I see things beyond just the fleeting moment but as a part of a whole story.


Since early on in our relationship we spent many dates wandering around some abandoned building, city or nature park with our cameras up to our eyes. Michael worked at another photography studio for several years before we decided to start our own studio. We have spent many years working on learning and building our craft. We look forward to being able to use these skills and passions to be able to share your story.

Let’s Share a Story Together

You may choose us as your photographers because we’re well-trained, or because I’m a second generation wedding and portrait photographer, or have the eye for it. But really, it’s more than that; when we work together we walk through your story as though we were your family. We make sure we have real answers to your worries before you even sense them. Like to send helpful reminders of upcoming dates, guides on who to get the most from our experience and providing you with quality products that will last a lifetime. It’s what makes the difference. So let’s do this, let us make something special!

Images will live on forever. One of the most heartbreaking (and sadly, most common) phrases I hear is, “I wish we had spent more on a good photographer…our photos were awful.” Don’t leave your memories to chance. How do you want to share your story?

Let's Get Together!

How can we help make your wedding day dreams come true? Schedule a call with us to share your vision and talk through what you are looking for in photography. It's also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have (and even those you don't realize you have) about wedding photography.