Grand Ravines Park Engagement Session in Jenison, MI

Grand Ravines North County Park Engagement Session – Jenison, MI

Grand Ravines Park Engagement Session

Who knew a walk in the park could spark so much joy and laughter?! We had such a great time photographing Maddy & Ryan’s engagement photos at Grand Ravines Park. This session was particularly special because it was round two for them. They had already had engagement photos taken before but decided to book us for their wedding. As part of our wedding package, we offered to do another engagement session with them. This turned out to be an excellent opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better and break the ice before the big day. It’s always helpful to learn about a couple’s “good side” and their personalities to capture their essence perfectly on the wedding day.

The day was absolutely beautiful, with perfect weather and an incredible atmosphere. We managed to hit golden hour just right, which is every photographer’s dream. The park was filled with other photographers taking advantage of the gorgeous light, but that didn’t stop us from capturing a whole gallery of intimate and fun couples portraits. There were so many amazing shots that it was tough to choose which ones to post here!

Maddy & Ryan were such a joy to work with. Their love for each other was palpable, and it showed in every photo. They were playful, affectionate, and so natural in front of the camera. This made our job incredibly easy and enjoyable. We started the session with some light-hearted and candid shots to help them relax and get comfortable. They quickly got into the groove, and their chemistry was undeniable.

During this Grand Ravines Park Engagement Session, we explored different areas, each offering unique and picturesque backdrops. From the scenic overlooks to the lush greenery and the charming bridges, every spot was a dream. Maddy & Ryan were game for anything, which allowed us to be creative and try out various poses and angles. We even caught a few spontaneous moments that turned out to be some of our favorite shots from the session.

As the sun began to set, we wrapped up the session with some final shots against the stunning golden hour sky and wild field backdrop. The golden tones were breathtaking, and it was the perfect way to end the day. Maddy & Ryan were thrilled with the session, and we could see how much they enjoyed the experience. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to spend some quality time together and create lasting memories before their big day.

After this Grand Ravines Park Engagement session, we absolutely cannot wait to be a part of their wedding day. Getting to know them better during the engagement shoot has made us even more excited to capture their special moments on their wedding day. We feel honored to be part of their journey and to help them preserve these precious memories.

Reflecting on the day, we’re reminded of why we love what we do. Engagement sessions like this one are a beautiful reminder of the joy and love that couples share. It’s a privilege to be able to capture these moments and turn them into lasting memories. We look forward to many more sessions like this and can’t wait to see Maddy & Ryan tie the knot!


Here’s a link to the location if you’re curious on where to find it: GRAND RAVINES PARK NORTH

We would love to share a beautiful day like this with you! Reach out today to start planning your dreamy Grand Ravines Park engagement session with us!

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