Preparing for Your Engagement Session

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Now the journey of planning a wedding begins. One of the first big and exciting steps in this journey is your engagement photography session. This is your chance to get some adorable photos of you and your soon-to-be-spouse in all your blissful love.

As exciting as this engagement session can be, it can also be a little nerve wrecking. Not everyone loves to be in front of a camera. Or perhaps you’re worried about what to wear.

Don’t worry! We’ve put together this guide to help you feel prepared and know what to anticipate going into your engagement session. Also, on the day of we will talk you through each step and what to anticipate.

Choosing the Right Outfit

The most commonly asked question we about engagement photos is “What should I wear?” Whether you are choosing something from your closet or buying something new, you want to avoid bright colors or flashy patterns. Rather, go with simple neutral or jewel tones, muted colors so you won’t distract from you and your partner. Additionally, make sure that the outfits you choose are complimentary to each other. You don’t want to clash. 

Neutral Color Clothing_1200x800.jpg

Get Dressed Up

If it’s your style and personality to enjoy gelling all dolled up, this is a great excuse to do so! After all you want to look your best. A min-makeover can give you a burst of confidence and make you feel like a model. It’s also the perfect reason to turn your engagement photo day into a fun date day. After all, your makeup and hair are done, and you’re all dressed up. Why not go out and celebrate?

This is also a great way to try out a hairstylist or makeup artist for your wedding day. Whether you’ve already selected one or are still deciding. Just be sure to let your makeup artist know that you’re headed to a photo session, as makeup for photos is often a little different than everyday makeup.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

You want to look nice for your photos, but you also want to look like yourself and feel comfortable. Keep the location in mind, for instance if we will be walking around a lot, wear comfortable shoes. Or if you must wear the gorgeous but uncomfortable shoes in the picture, bring a pair of flats to walk around in. Also, wear something you’re comfortable in. You don’t want to spend the whole shoot fidgeting with your outfit. This puts you on edge and can reflect in your expression. Pick something that feels comfortable and allows for easy movement.

Have Your Ring Cleaned

Let’s be real, you want to show off that beautiful, sparkly ring. Your engagement photos are all about showing off your love and celebrating this step in the journey. We will definitely be taking photos of your ring. So make sure it sparkles and shines just like the day you got it! Either clean it yourself or bring it into the jeweler to have them clean it.

Fall Engagement Session - Ring hand in focus.jpg

Don’t Worry about Posing

There’s no need to practice posing ahead of time. When you first arrive we will go through the main positions we will ask you to pose in. This will help you to understand the language we will use to direct you throughout the shoot. As we capture your images we will guide you through poses and expressions, making sure you feel at ease and natural. We want you to feel comfortable and confident, expressing your personality and natural connection with each other. We will offer advice and adjustments every step of the way so you’ll get photos you love!

Consider Adding a Furry Friend

Do you have a fur baby? We love these furry friends and they can be a fun addition to your engagement session! Just be sure to get some of their energy out with a long play time at the park beforehand. Also, if you choose to add a fur baby to the photos, we recommend bringing along a friend or family member to help keep them corralled when we’re taking photos of just the two of you.

Engagement_Alicia & Michael_Wealthy Bakery_2_March81 Photography_1000px.jpg

Think About Location

Is there a place that is special to your relationship? Your proposal location? Where do you want to take your photos, let us know! We would love to capture your love in a place that is meaningful to you. But if you aren’t sure where to go for photos, we have some recommendations and are always scouting new spots.

Make a Day Out of It

Your engagement photos are all about the connection and romance between you and your partner, so why not turn it into a date day? Have brunch at a favorite restaurant before your shoot or grab some coffee together before the shoot. Arrive at the park early and take a long stroll together. Spending time together before the session will help put you in the right mood for your photos and help us capture what makes the two of you so special as a couple.

Lastly, Trust Your Photographer

If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about your photos, remember, you’ve hired a professional. Our job is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and create images that you will love. We know how to pose you and what it takes to get the most genuine smiles. We know how to put you in a setting that is going to make you look your best from the way we shoot and light the image to how we edit it, we know how to make you look your best. So just relax and enjoy your day!